“Why is the rent so high?” Presentation in Pilsen


This Saturday (Jan. 30th) the Chicago Socialist Party hosted an educational presentation at the Rudy Lozano Public Library in the Pilsen neighborhood. The event was presented and planned by our very own local Vice-Chair Miguel del Toral and focused on a problem that has been plaguing not only Pilsen but many neighborhoods around the city; the manufactured sickness that is gentrification. Through a very in depth and comprehensive presentation, the many aspects and history of gentrification were explored. Myths, misconceptions and unsound arguments surrounding the subject of gentrification were dismantled through use of decades long studies and hard data. Not lost however was the human element in all this, to what extent the working class, mostly ethnic and racial minorities, were hurt in the whole process and what can be done in opposition to the obstacles they face. Although this event was not in Spanish, despite focusing on a neighborhood where a large number of residents speak Spanish, future repeat presentations are in the works and many more things will be taken into consideration such as language. This presentation in Pilsen was just the first in a series that we plan to present in places currently under heavy danger of being lost to whims of the brutal marketplace. The plan is to better inform working class people and establish vast and formidable coalition of people from all around the city to have true democracy from the bottom up. This is just the first step and we have nowhere to go but up.

If you’d like to see more pictures from the event please visit the “CSP in Action” section of the site by clicking the “CSP in Action” tab above. Also keep on the lookout for a full video of the event on our YouTube channel coming very soon.

Chicago Socialist Party YouTube


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