Full Gentrification Presentation Now Available, Check Out Our Youtube!



We recently had a presentation at the Rudy Lozano library on Blue Island and 18th. Gentrification is something that many people can see and feel but aren’t fully informed about; we see this as a chance to inform the working class people and keep everyone “in the loop” about what is truly happening to their communities.  If for some reason you weren’t able to make it out to the event, here’s your chance to check it out in its entirety. The full presentation of our latest educational workshop in Pilsen is now available on our YouTube channel, if you don’t see it at first look at our videos tab. Feel free to subscribe to our channel and check out our other videos, as well as our Recommended Video and Music playlists. We are well aware the video quality could be better, but this is only the beginning of our video presence online; stay tuned, there’s much more to come.

Our YouTube Channel:

Click Here –> Chicago Socialist Party <– Click Here

2 thoughts on “Full Gentrification Presentation Now Available, Check Out Our Youtube!

  1. Buena presentacion!

    Is there a way only people of color can have these conversations? The elephant in the room can’t be ignored or encouraged.

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    • Thanks. And in response to your question, yes and in a way no. Your request is very understandable though. We would love to have a presentation and conversation with only POC, as we are the ones directly targeted and displaced in nearly every instance. Unfortunately this is difficult to achieve; POC, especially latinxs need to make the concious decision to come out to our meetings and participate in action to better the situation, it can’t be forced and shouldn’t be. We understand all too well why they may not willing to do so, but if we want POC only meetings, there will need to be more partcipation on their part. We didn’t promote as much as we should have, mostly due to time constraints, but we’ll be sure to promote with flyers and reach out to more community centers and media both social and traditional for the next event. As a person of color myself, I feel the same way you do, but this is our reality at the moment, and privileged, educated young white people are much more likely to show up. We liked that people even showed up, but would be much more happy, even ecstatic if the people actually being oppressed and displaced showed up instead of just one or two. Thanks for your comment, I hope I answered your question.


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