Looking for a shelter to spend the night can be frustrating; while there are many organizations that are working on similar projects as us, there is no single resource online that contains every available shelter in the city of Chicago. Most people who are homeless have no access to the internet as well, which makes the problem all the more difficult. So for the past couple of months the Chicago Socialist Party has been sifting through databases and websites, compiling a comprehensive list of shelters in our city and organizing them using Northside, Westside, Southside designations based on Chicago’s 77 historic communities listed in Alphabetical order. Our aim is to create a complete, printable list that anyone can use and distribute free of charge as a resource for people who need shelter.

We are currently working with other community organizations to share information and we welcome any new information with open arms. This list is by no means perfect, so we greatly encourage people to critique our document and to give us new insight as to how we can improve this resource. This is a small project, but we hope to perfect it to help alleviate even just a little of the suffering of our brothers and sisters. You can find the document on our Community Info page as well as our Literature page.