SP-USA POCC Statement on Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

The People of Color Commission, an official commission within the Socialist Party USA has issued a statement of solidarity with the actions and message of the Black Lives Matter movement and its importance to the ongoing fight for freedom and justice for all.

The statement was written with the input of a majority of the members of the commission and reflects a shared view. The statement is as follows.



We, the members of the People of Color Commission of the Socialist Party USA, believes that the liberation of all people within and without US borders is interconnected. We believe that the continuing devaluation and state-sanctioned murder of Black people and people of color within the United States is unacceptable in every way, and that as an anti-racist organization, we are prepared to offer our support to those most directly affected by this violence. We recognize that the same system that allows law-enforcement officers to kill with impunity is the same system that creates the conditions that foster intracommunity violence. We are grateful to the Movement for Black Lives for all of the work that is being done to dismantle the capitalist system, whose requirement for its existence is human pain, exploitation, and death. We highlight the ongoing and historical attacks of our people of color communities and the use of a police force to enforce systematic racism. As members of the People of Color Commission, we condemn the law enforcement officers involved in these atrocities from the inner cities of this country to its international borders. We condemn the racist attitudes supported by counter-organizations like Blue Lives matter. We condemn the attitude of law and border enforcement agencies towards people of color. We raise the call to the immediate demilitarization of the police departments. We call for the end of police forces and the creation of safe communities cared by its community members. We know that liberation and freedom of movement are human rights, and will continue to work with our whole hearts to make that liberation a reality for all people. The frequency with which we add names to this repugnant list is astounding and unbearable for our communities: Alton Sterling. Philando Castile. Korryn Gaines. Loreal Tsingine. Skye Mockabee. Anthony Nunez. We say your names, we lift you up, we fight for the justice you deserve.


Courtesy of: CNN

Courtesy of: CNN

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