Join the Socialist Party, the Autonomous Tenants Union, the Metropolitan Tenants Organization and others on Thursday, September 22nd next week as we rally downtown and in our communities against gentrification, rising rents, foreclosures and evictions in a National Day of Action going on around the country! We are holding an event in the Little Village Community so if you would like to protest in your area or in Little Village, contact us to organize a protest! Also, come to our meeting on Community Land Trusts, Tenant Union organization and Wage theft on Monday, Sept. 19th at 5:30 over at Blessed Dorothy Day Mission (3611 W. Cermak Rd)!

Contact us at:

Housing is in a state of emergency!

The rent keeps going up, wages are stagnating, and gentrification is tearing apart our community at the seams. It’s time to fight back.

Join us at the Renter’s Day of Action on September 22, 2016 at 4:00pm for a rally and march to say no more to displacement, and to call for:

-Just cause eviction
-Implementation of the Chicago Healthy Homes Inspection Program (CHHIP)
-Keeping the Promise

Standing together and building renter power is the only way to stop the bleeding. Let’s take the streets! To learn more about the national demands and about Renter’s Day of Action events in other cities visit:

Take the pledge:
Join the Can’t Wait List:

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