Our So-Called Election and the People’s Response.


The following in an official statement by the CSP on the 2016 election of Donald Trump as president and our future as an alternative of resistance to the mainstream politics that got us here.

November 10, 2016

The fears of millions of oppressed minorities, including those in the; LGBTQI+ community, migrant workers and children from Mexico and Central America and their communities, as well as the Muslim and Black communities were realized on November 8th as the xenophobic/ homophobic/ transphobic/ racist/ angry/ mass of 50 million+ voters elected their next president, Donald Trump. Of course, it wasn’t just the voters that helped this happen, but our terribly anachronistic electoral and campaign systems that helped usher in what many people began to fear months ago. The die-hard liberal/ democrat establishment finger pointers were quick to set the blame on those who didn’t vote, refused to vote and those who chose to vote “3rd Party”, NOT ONCE taking a stand against the corrupt cronyism and empty campaigning of the Clinton camp, or the terribly unfair electoral college and gerrymandering, which were it not for either of them, Clinton would have won. HOWEVER, this is not to say that a Clinton or even a Bernie presidency would do anything to help alleviate the underlying causes of our current state of affairs. Hate and reactionary thought has been spreading virally under a DEMOCRATIC presidency with no serious action on the administration’s part, even when there was a democrat controlled congress and senate; what hope would there be to stop all this hate under the more right wing version Obama that is Hillary Clinton?  The hate that festers, harms and threatens not only the most vulnerable members of our society but also anyone who deviates from the artificial status quo of the right is a disgusting pollution. In the famous words of Bobby Seale “The only SOLUTION to POLLUTION is a people’s humane REVOLUTION”. What is needed now is organization, organization based around revolutionary left thought which not only challenges the status quo, but seeks to replace it with a fair and honest approach to life, to freedom, and to the continued existence of not only us as diverse species, but the environment around us as well. There is one thing, however, that is needed more than any other and that is courage. Courage is not the absence of fear, which it can be said is running rampant at this specific point in time, rather, courage is an acknowledgement of the situation and continuing with the task at hand.  Able bodied or not, we will fight for our future, a just future, a peaceful, socialist future, whatever may come and with whatever methods are necessary. We will fight, and we hope to see all our oppressed brothers and sisters join us in this fight for the greater good of our society, and for the greater good of all humankind. DON’T MOURN, ORGANIZE!


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