Free at last, Libres por fin! Chelsea Manning and Oscar Lopez-Rivera Free!

On May 17, 2017, Chelsea Manning and Oscar Lopez Rivera, two great heroes imprisoned in the fight for the betterment of the world and the freedom of a colonized people have been released. The Chicago Socialist Party welcomes this news with great joy and solidarity.

Although the fight continues for both Chelsea Manning and Oscar Lopez Rivera, the sacrifices they gave for their ideals will never be forgotten. Manning bravely released information to WikiLeaks to disclose the lies put forward by the US Military and denial of information of not only war crimes, but of politicians’ instrumental in helping remove the incredible veil of secrecy modern governments have put up. She is a hero deserving of all our solidarity and praise for releasing the truth that needed to be brought to light.

Oscar Lopez-Rivera, a political prisoner in the hands of the imperialist US Government for thirty-four years, longer than Nelson Mandela, is a decorated US Army veteran that bravely fought and planned for independence and socialism for the island of Puerto Rico. As a principled man, he rejected an offer from Bill Clinton for clemency in 1999 on the condition that he and his comrades “renounce the use or threatened use of violence for any purpose”. To this day, the imperialist US government continues to keep Puerto Rico under its thumb as a colony for strategic purposes, for Oscar Lopez-Rivera the fight is not yet over.

Regardless of imperialist forces and its extended power and influence, they couldn’t cage the call for freedom from the people. Let us remember that it wasn’t former president Obama who set these two great heroes free, it was the people from across the world,  who fought to make this a reality. The power of the people is never to be underestimated, and as a result, today we have two profoundly revolutionary heroes in our midst once more. Long live Chelsea Manning! Y Que Viva Oscar Lopez-Rivera!

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