CSP Official Statement on DACA Repeal

The DACA program, which lifted thousands of youth in the United States out of the shadows and into legal existence, has been all but eliminated. President Donald Trump has announced that he will repeal the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and in doing so will unleash devastating consequences on hundreds of thousands of Dreamers all across Chicago, Illinois, and the entire nation. Without the amnesty provided by DACA 800,000 will be potentially at risk for deportation from the only home they have known to country’s they may well have never even set foot in.

It is vital to remember, however, that DACA was not some great act of benevolence but was instead a cynical ploy by the Democratic Party. The goal of which was to win cheap political points while simultaneously creating a database of all the Dreamers that would make it even easier for a later administration to deport them.

The Chicago Socialist Party stands in solidarity with immigrants against any and all attacks and abuse. We condemn the racist and xenophobic policies of President Trump and the Republicans. We also see through the crocodile tears of the deporter-in-chief Obama and the Democratic Party. We believe that the immigrant community, and the Latino community especially, deserves far better than what DACA provided or what its repeal will inflict.

The Chicago Socialist Party demands respect, dignity, and justice for the immigrant community in our city and throughout our state and our country. 96,000 Dreamers live in the state of Illinois. 58,000 of those live in Cook County. Chicago is not the sanctuary city that Rahm Emmanuel would have you believe. The people of Chicago suffers constantly from ICE raids, extra-judicial use of force on the undocumented, and everything in between. If the protection provided by DACA is eliminated all of these 10s of thousands of people will be left vulnerable to this abuse and violence.

We say to all this, no more, YA BASTA! No more of the racist overlords in Washington and Springfield. No more of the cheap and hollow promises of the Democratic Party. We must all unite and fight, for an attack on any element of the working class is an attack on us all. As socialists, we seek the unity of the working class across all lines of race, creed, and nationality. The artificial division between the immigrant and native-born, or the undocumented and the citizen serves only to weaken the cause of labor and strengthen the position of the ruling classes. We must never lose hope, we must continue the struggle until our final victory. Viva la RevoluciĆ³n!

Open Letter To Gov. Bruce Rauner

CTU day of action 4-1-2016

Photo By: Ervin Lopez

This is an open letter written by myself, CSP Treasurer Fernando Contreras, three days before the April 1st Day of Action, and sent via snail mail to Bruce Rauner. All power to the people, all power to the unions, the budget can’t wait!

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