Free at last, Libres por fin! Chelsea Manning and Oscar Lopez-Rivera Free!

On May 17, 2017, Chelsea Manning and Oscar Lopez Rivera, two great heroes imprisoned in the fight for the betterment of the world and the freedom of a colonized people have been released. The Chicago Socialist Party welcomes this news with great joy and solidarity.

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CSP and YPSL Go HARD on Gentrification and Displacement. A Productive Week In Review



The week of September 18th through 24th tested the small, but dedicated numbers of the CSP and Young People’s Socialist League with emergency  volunteer work, two co-organized events, (including a rally), and a meeting. Despite the last minute addition of organizing a donation drive following 7 cases of arson in Pilsen that displaced 25 people, we were able to both raise supplies and housing for some of those affected, putting our principles of direct action to work.

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