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photoThe Chicago Socialist Party is a party of the workers, by the workers, for the workers. We are comprised of working people from all walks of life and Socialist Party locals are found throughout the country. Our members are deeply involved in many struggles, from our National Housing/Gentrification campaign to other struggles involving Ecoscocialism, Labor, Prison Industrial Complex and Anti-War campaigns. You can check them out below!

  • If you are interested in volunteering or participating in one of our campaigns send an email to and let us know what you would like to do. We will contact you as soon as possible.

1) Housing Justice/Gentrification Campaign – Our newest National Campaign focuses on the injustice felt in working class (in primarily minority) communities around the country and the globe. Gentrification is a global phenomenon that affects the poorest and most vulnerable of society as well as those already struggling  in favor of global banks, developers and businesspeople as well as politicians who benefit from exploitation of their own people. We fight the displacement and destruction of communities for the private profit of landlords, businesspeople and politicians through working in coalitions, education, direct action and community land trusts.

2) Ecosocialism Campaign The ecosocialist campaign is designed around creating awareness of and fighting for protection of the environment as well as developing alternative, socialist solutions to the energy and ecological problems produced by capitalist (in)efficiency and pollution and the needs of not only our nation, but the world.

3) Prison-Industrial Complex CampaignThe Prison-Industrial Complex campaign focuses on the largest, most lucrative prison system in the world: our own. Corruption at every level of government reflects in our own court system that puts more black and brown bodies in prison than ever before and creates enormous wealth for the government and private companies as privatization takes over everything: from security to food services to actual private prisons designed to maximize profit by maximizing sentencing. This lust for more wealth leads to more convictions and lengthier prison terms for the smallest of crimes and literally profits from the “War on Drugs”. We fight against the imprisonment of the millions of people (many for decades just for a minor offense) and work in coalitions to expose and combat the American Police-State and build prisoner solidarity networks.

4) Anti-War Campaign – Nothing fuels and funds the expansion of capitalism better than war; the Military-Industrial Complex is the largest drain of public resources in this nation and has led to the rape, torture, murder, exploitation and suffering of hundreds of millions since the foundation of this country. Coups, conflicts, warlords, insurgencies, world wars as well as ethnic and religious genocides have not only been orchestrated, but funded by capitalists of all nations in order to make a profit off the suffering of others. The Socialist Party fights to end capitalist wars by organizing the people to fight back against those who oppress them. We work in anti-war coalitions across the country and employ direct action in our communities to further the cause.

5) Labor and Living Wage Campaign – Our labor makes the world run, however what do we have to show for it? The unlucky ones are literally enslaved, tortured and murdered, driven to suicide, maimed and worked to death, starved and hopelesly impoverished, and abandoned to this day. The lucky ones get perpetual debt, instability, insecurity, anxiety, depression and bills in the mail, the modern chains of slavery that remind us monthly that we are never truly free, that we must show up to work the next day or face the penalty of poverty and homelessness. We are still fighting for gains our ancestors also fought for over 100 years ago; the so-called free market has done nothing but create disaster after disaster and we, the people, are the ones who suffer. This campaign is designed to build class consciousness, solidarity and militancy against the capitalist system.

  • If you would like to become the change you wish to see in this world, we encourage you to read the following 6 points which represent the key ideas of agreement of the Socialist Party USA. If you agree with these points sign up at: