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The Young People’s Socialist League – Chicago is the Affiliate youth organization of the Chicago Socialist Party that pushes for democratic socialism based on revolutionary principles. The YPSL is open to anyone under 30 years old and is organized by the youth, for the youth.

In a society plagued with mass injustice, towards humanity as well as our environment, a society where the promise of opportunity and abundance for all has fallen far short of the mark for the majority of its citizens; in a world where more and more people struggle and cry out for true democracy; we recognize that the future hopes and aspirations for that society lie in the hands of its youth. The youth of today will decide whether or not the world of tomorrow will be free, just, and humane.

We, as democratic socialists, reject the materialism and short-sightedness of those in power who would rob us of our futures. We reject an economic system where the needs of the people are subjugated to the desire for sheer profit, and we call for the dismantling of all power structures which by their very nature support and uphold such a system through corruption, discrimination, and oppression. We call this system capitalism, and we actively seek to replace it.

Contrary to the propaganda of that capitalist system, socialism is not a grey, lifeless, and dictatorial system seeking to rob individuals of their creativity and worth. Nor is it an idea that has failed and is now dead. Socialism and democracy are inseparable; there can be no socialism without democracy, and there can be no true democracy without socialism. In our view, socialism has not yet had a fair chance at life, even with the definite improvements made in education, employment, and overall social welfare by Social-democratic policies in Sweden, Austria, and the Netherlands, as well as many other nations in Western Europe. They are still capitalist nations and are therefore still based on a system of exploitation and greed.

As socialists, our goal is a radically democratic world, a world where decisions are made by those affected by them, a world where society cherishes the individual and the individual has both the reason and will to work for society. We believe that everyone should have a say in determining how our political, social, and economic structures are run, and we believe that the institutions of those structures must be directly accountable to the people who sustain them. Such a goal requires a fundamental change in our values and priorities as a society, and nowhere is the possibility for change so great as among youth.

Our mission is to organize our fellow brothers and sisters who are not only the future workers of society, but already workers themselves. We must organize to build a sustainable and egalitarian future that will benefit us, all of humanity, and our planet. We seek to build a new world without exploitation, class structure or pollution. Capitalism is incapable of long-term reform; we believe in short-term reforms to alleviate the immediate suffering of the working class, but understand that capitalism cannot ultimately be restrained, and must be completely removed by any means necessary to establish a democratic, socialist society run by the people. Capitalists and other bourgeoisie have no intentions on relinquishing their wealth and privilege and will use every resource to stop us. They will concede crumbs, perhaps even chunks of bread from their table, but we are not satisfied by crumbs or chunks, we want the entire loaf! The youth are the future; we need to organize now!

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