To be a member you must agree with our Principles. If you agree, fill out the form provided below and contact us via email at:


If you understand the need for radical change in our society, and if you agree to the principles of the YPSL, we encourage you to join us today!

  1. We call for the youth to organize and implement Socialism and the abolition of Capitalism.

  2. We are a Democratic Socialist youth organization who rejects Social Democratic ideals such as gradualism as well as “regulated” welfare capitalism.

  3. We call for the abolition of “Private Property” regarding the means of production and non-essential land property to be used for profit. This does not mean personal property.

  4. We call for the abolition of wage slavery, sexism, racism, homo/transphobia and all forms of oppression and hierarchy.

  5. We call for people’s control of the means of production for the common good of all.

  6. We call for independent socialist political action outside of the capitalist two-party system.

  7. We work in solidarity with national and international movements of fellow youth and towards our mutual emancipation from the capitalist system.

  8. We are intersectional and work to preserve the ethnic, racial and cultural diversity that enriches our society and humanity. We fight for the liberation of all oppressed peoples.
  • The YPSL is independant of the Socialist Party USA, so membership to SPUSA is not necessary, however we support YPSL membership in the party!


Or print and mail our YPSL application to:

YPSL membership application

Chicago Socialist Party

1632 S. Throop St., Chicago, IL 60608